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The Fabric Stash

My Fabric Stash Definition

I searched high and low for the definition of the fabric stash and here is what I have come up with. The definition of a fabric stash is all the quilting fabric you own throughout your house, your friend’s house, and the neighbor down the street. It comprises of a wealth of fabric. I find that this is relative of course to one’s means. While internet hopping to other quilting websites and social media, I observe many displays of quilter’s fabric stash in nice neat and controlled shelving and what used to be called bookcases. Actually, a lot of these displays look more like store shelves than a person’s home. And…then, there is my stash.

My Reality

I own some fabric stash, really I do. I don’t have fancy shelves or nice quilting tables and equipment. I am blessed to have a portion of a guest room. I have taken over most of my grandmother’s dresser (she was a quilter, I think she would have approved). It has fabric. Not much of it goes together. In general, it is left over fabric from quilts. It is funny. When I look at the mismatch fabric in the drawer, I remember the quilt I made and who owns it today. It is the baby quilt fabric that is brings special meaning. I wonder how the babies are doing, are they okay, and did they enjoy the quilt. Since they were donated to a charity, I will never know.


In addition, I stuff quilting things in our guest room closet like the roll of batting and left over batting pieces, you know the kind that is hard to dispose. The batting shares the space with Christmas decorations, Army uniforms, my daughter’s weaving loom, and paintings, pictures, and assorted precious items that we just cannot throw out. But, I have a box. It is an old box that came with a fabric order. It is perfect.

My Box

In my box, I have 5 quilt kits cued up with patterns, fabric, and thread. The quilts kits are not fancy store bought kits, they are my own quilt kits with pre-cuts or fabric that I liked and a free pattern. At the bottom of the box are two quilt kits, that I really do not like. I got the fabric on sale and it has remained in the box for…well…almost a year. I hope to make and sell two other kits in my stash. Then, there is a precious kit of emerald green jelly roll that my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. This past Mother’s Day was a difficult one for me. She lovingly asked my husband to buy a jelly roll. She knew exactly what I wanted. This fabric is precious. It is the quilt I want to make because of my daughter’s love.


When people mention their fabric stash, I just smile. I have a fabric stash, probably not very big by most standards, but precious nevertheless. It is not the amount of fabric that is important, but the journey and stories that the fabric represents. Every time I look at the emerald fabric, I will remember my daughter’s love, whether it is sitting in the box or as a quilt on a chair.