Red Fence Quilting LLC Online Store is open!

This is very exciting news!  With more to come!!! I opened the Red Fence Quilting Store. Red Fence Quilting LLC is providing Quilts and quilted products such as table runners and toppers, bed toppers, Quilts, and many more products.  I will … Read More

The Fabric Stash

My Fabric Stash Definition I searched high and low for the definition of the fabric stash and here is what I have come up with. The definition of a fabric stash is all the quilting fabric you own throughout your house, your friend’s … Read More

Sometimes, You Have to Live Your Life, Not Write About It

Sometimes in life, you have to live your life, not write about it…

Bold Color Quilt Design

Should I Go Bold Color Quilt Design? Quilting is a subjective art. That can probably be said about any art. The choice, whether to go bold in color, lies in the creativity of the artist or quilter. Last year, I … Read More

Quilting Sick? Is it a Good Idea?

Should you be quilting when you are sick from the flu? I know that I should not be quilting sick. Recently, I was sick with a fever, sneezing, and a coughing mess. I wanted to stay away from my family … Read More

Free Motion Practice Quilt

Do I make a Free Motion Practice Quilt? Yes! I want to make mistakes or try new techniques on a free motion practice quilt rather than a quilt for someone else. It is important to have practice quilts.  When I am … Read More

Sewing or Quilting in a Short Amount of Time

I like to sewing and quilting in a short amount of time.  Like most parents, I am busy running around. I have to maximize my time in order to be able to complete quilting projects. To some people this busyness … Read More

Status Updates

Why do I post my status updates every couple weeks? Do you find that you never have enough hours in a day to quilt?  I do.  I am constantly reprioritizing tasks throughout the day.  As a mom, my day keeps on … Read More

The Cost of a Homemade Quilt

We are so busy watching what we eat, getting enough sleep and exercise, making sure our babies have pure and organic everything, that we forget that these blankets and quilts are next to us while we sleep, cuddle, and warm.

Love Free Motion Quilting!

I love free motion quilting! Recently, I discovered Free Motion Quilting as a method to quilt my toppers to the backing.  Prior to Free Motion Quilting, I would quilt long straight lines either ‘stitch in the ditch’ or just a long line … Read More

Consider Joining a Quilting Club, Guild, or Class

Quilting class, fellowship, club, group, or any other name, is a terrific way to connect with other quilters, who love to sew and quilt. If you are not a part of a quilting group, you may want to join group, but here are a few things to consider…

Why On The Go Quilting?

Quilting is not just for your grandmother anymore. Quilting is a growing and trendy idea in crafting! For years, I have sat and waited for my daughter during swim practice. I read books, magazines, tried knitting, attempted needlepoint, and exercised. … Read More