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Quilting Sick? Is it a Good Idea?

Should you be quilting when you are sick from the flu?

I know that I should not be quilting sick. Recently, I was sick with a fever, sneezing, and a coughing mess. I wanted to stay away from my family members, so that they did not get my lovely sickness. However, I decided that I was not too sick to quilt. Big Mistake!

I will show some of my crazy quilting during my illness. It was so bad, that on the second day, I decided that I should clean my office instead of quilt.quilting sick day feathers

Here are a few things that I noticed:

  1. My hands were not as steady during the quilting, so my stitches were inconsistent.
  2. My foot was not as steady, especially on starting after stopping. Every time I stopped, I had a jump in the stitch.
  3. My mind was not as focused, so that I started in one direction and then decided to attempt another. This led to overcorrection and lousy stitches. Eventually, this led to ripping out the quilting.

In general, it was a huge disaster. If you are sick with a cold or flu, rest and take some time to get better.

Quilting sick with a Long Illness or Condition

My answer is different for quilting when you are sick from a long term illness or condition.  Each person is different and has to look at their own situation.

  • Evaluate whether you can physically quilt and have the desire to quilt. If so, quilt in what ever capacity that you may be able to handle.  Quilting is a wonderful therapy.
  • Be kind to yourself.  Give grace to yourself and realize that some illnesses and conditions take time and sometimes, we have to adapt to a new method or equipment to achieve the same goal.
  • Start slow.  Take a little bit at a time.

Happy Quilting!