Yay!  We had a garage/yard sale!


Truly, I will tell you, that our sale was pretty lame.  Our neighborhood was having a yard sale weekend, so we decided to try and sell my dad’s old wood lathe.  We hurriedly found other items to place in our yard sale.  Downstairs in a corner is a pile of items, such as old jeans, shoes, a laminator, and other items made up the remaining items for the sale.


Friday morning, I located my folding table and placed all of our sale items on the table.  It looked very small, so I added my daughter’s old bike (mileage: 1 mile maybe).  Figuring that I would have a long day, I set up my trusty On The Go Quilting sewing machine with a camp chair and a dinner tray table.


We had a few people right away…looking at one thing…you guessed it. My dad’s lathe.  I sold the lathe within 30 minutes of the garage sale.  Then, I sat and sewed, and sewed, and sewed.  I finished sewing all of my charm squares for a throw.  Then I sewed some mug rugs. I sold nothing else all day.  Undeterred, I got up the next day and started the garage sale again.  This time, I added a few more things.  I sold one thing all day for $1.00.  But I got a lot of sewing done!


On the Go Quilting made for a wonderful weekend of sewing.  It just happened to be in my own yard!1-IMG_8568


Have a wonderful day!


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