1-HandSewing1I am learning to hand quilt!  Actually, I started my quilting journey with a hand quilting project.  I returned to the hand quilting for this project because it so nicely lend itself to hand quilting.  The quilt is a small lap quilt for a child.  The pattern has windmills with blue and white polka dots and chalk like drawings on a red background.   The windmills are offset with a plain white background.

I felt the lap quilt was whimsical in nature.  Remembering my own daughter’s early childhood, she loved those bottles of bubbles.  She would chase the bubbles and joyfully poke them.  Thinking of this, I decided to hand quilt bubbles in different sizes into the quilt.

I hand quilt this quilt when machine sewing is either not possible or convenient.  Handily, I keep this quilt in a bag inside the van all the time.   I think this project will take me a while.  Follow my progress on my quilting weekly each week! (This is going to take a while!)


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