My name is Laura and I am so glad that you have stopped by for a visit.FrenchJournalMe

I am a sports practice mom, running around taking my daughter to swim practice, piano lessons, or any number of things. Like you, I have very little free time. When I began sewing and quilting, again, I had a major problem. I did not have time to sew. Early in the morning, I could sneak in about an hour of sewing, but I wanted to do more. I knew that there had to be a solution. OnTheGoQuilting.com is my solution to my problem.


OnTheGoQuilting.com addresses the challenges of sewing while on the road. Although many of the solutions and ideas are compatible with quilting while traveling, this website will address the person on the go with an hour or two of waiting time in one place. The bottom line is that some practices work and some ideas just do not. I will share my experiences with you and the solutions that I used to try to overcome the time, space, tools, and production challenges.

In addition, OnTheGoQuilting.com will discuss quilting thoughts and successes at home on a stationary machine.  Almost every quilt and project is sewn on the road at some point of the quilting process.  However, there are times that I quilt on the Juki F300 at home.  I will share the work in both places.  Under the Quilting Progress Review, I will discuss the progress of my quilts and projects.  Part of this is accountability and part of this is to show that quilts take a while to create, when you are a busy mom running around.  In general, the free motion quilting process is completed at home with the Juki.  The rest of the quilting process is where ever I can work on the project.  That is the point of this website.  You can work on your quilting projects on the road, at home, or waiting for a swimmer to finish practice! 

This website is not trying to be anything more than it is. I am not an expert quilter giving advice.  I am learning and trying to figure it out just like you.  Treat this website as a window into my attempt to achieve more quilting and sewing time. Stop by often to see my realistic progress and ideas.


This website would not be complete without owning up to my quilting progress, mistakes and general quilting dilemmas whether on the go or not. Join me for a coffee cup chat for real world experiences and thoughts!

Please come visit me often at OnTheGoQuilting.com !