Sewing in the Hotel

Winter at the beach! What do you do when it is cold and windy outside? You sew of course!


Recently, my family took a mini vacation to Ocean City, MD right after Christmas Day. It was warmer than we expected this year, but still on the chilly side. There were limited activities because most businesses were closed. One day, I brought out my trusty portable sewing machine and started sewing one of the baby quilts. I have to admit, that I do have a few thoughts for sewing in hotels.

What to Take While Sewing in a Hotel

  1. I sew only quilt tops or backings. I do not quilt the quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, and backing). This prevents critters from getting into the batting or under the quilt top. I worry about extra live items coming home with me such as bed bugs and other creepy crawlers.
  2. Make sure to pack and store your fabric in plastic bags with a Ziploc® seal. Make sure to seal the Ziploc® seal.hotelsewing1
  3. Take out only what you are going to sew. I actually use this practice for all of items.
  4. Sew items that require limited concentration. I don’t know about your vacations, but ours are usually busy. With people running around and activities happening at a minute notice, I find it easier to take an simple quilt instead of a more complicated one.
  5. Do not take your treasured quilt that you have spent the last 18 months sewing. Take something that can be lost or damaged (for instance, a smoothie or coffee does not look good on quilts).

In my case, I took a charity baby quilt that was cute, but could be replaced.

Other Items to Take

  • Take a small bag with the basics such as scissors, thread, extra bobbins, pins (if needed), and extra needles.
  • Make sure to take your power cord to your sewing machine!


I actually use a backpack to hold my Michley 505 sewing machine, small bag, fabric, and power cords/pedal etc.hotelsewing2


Hotel Room Setup:

Each hotel is different, some have suites which are convenient and some do not. I try to setup on a table or desk close to a power outlet.

Most hotels have irons and ironing boards. (Obviously, they were put there for quilters.) Set up the ironing board in an ‘out of the way’ place.

Keep a trash can or small bag to throw away threads and little pieces of fabric. It is not good to leave a mess of thread behind for someone else.


One More Important thing

Make sure that sewing does not become your vacation unless you are on a sewing adventure. Spend time with the people you love and hold dear. See the sights and enjoy the food. If the moment presents itself, you are by yourself, while your family is exploring the hotel or running an errand, then get that sewing machine humming!


Final Thoughts

  1. Be safe! Use the same common sense that you use at home, in the hotel.
  2. Put the sewing machine away when not in use.
  3. Turn off the iron.
  4. Put your sewing back in the plastic bag and seal it up until next time.


Enjoy your next vacation! As a side note, we had an incredibly relaxing time at the beach during winter. Assateague Island is absolute joy, especially when there is no one around!Assateaguewinter

Have a wonderful quilting day!


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