Recently, we were at a new Sewing Destination Point Lookout, MD on MD western shore.  While there, we took a drive to Point Lookout, MD.  It is a state park located south of St. Mary’s City, MD.  As you drive south from St. Mary’s City, one has the feeling that time stopped still.  It is wonderful to see the open fields and small towns along the way.  The road narrows as you make a few turns until the park entrance.  Once inside the park, one realizes that the park has various opportunities to enjoy, including a boat ramp, beach, picnic area, and historical landmark.  Point Lookout was a common destination for naval operations during our history including housing prisoners of war during the Civil War.

After walking around for some wonderful exercise, I sewed patchwork squares on the Spring Time Quilt.  I enjoyed the wonderful bay breeze while sewing.

pointlookoutsewingontherocksNot everything was perfect!  My sewing destination challenge was finding a comfortable place to sit.  I finally choose some rocks where I could rest the sewing machine on one rock and me on the other.  Although not the most comfortable seating choice, it worked.  I think next time, I will bring a seat cushion!

We enjoyed our day sight seeing and sewing at Point Lookout!  The people and the place were fabulous!  If you find yourself south of Annapolis, MD on the western shore, stop by the Point Lookout State Park.

Have a wonderful day!


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