I am one of those people, who likes to arrive early for appointments.  This goes for my child’s swim practices or doctor’s appointments.  Recently, we had to drive to large city, in another state, over 2 hours away, and during rush hour.  In order to make the appointment, I needed to leave 3 hours in advance just to make it through rush hour traffic. Surprisingly, the traffic was great.  There were no accidents or slow downs, thus I arrived over an hour early.

I had made sure that before we left the house, that my daughter had plenty of reading material to keep her busy.  However, I failed to bring something for myself.  While I was sitting there, slightly lamenting about arriving so early.  My daughter leaned over and said in a sweet quiet voice, ‘Mommy, you can ‘On The Go Quilt’!

A big grin spread on my face as I pulled my sewing machine out and started sewing a cute doll blanket.

The moral of my experience is that you can even sew while waiting outside at the doctor’s office or medical appointment.  I don’t know that I would take a sewing machine into a doctor’s appointment!  Hand Quilting, absolutely!

Have a wonderful day!


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