BananaFactoryThis summer, my daughter and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Banana Factory in Bethlehem, PA. The Banana Factory is located in South Side Bethlehem, PA. When I was growing up, this complex was an actual banana warehouse and distribution center. It is now a complex that rents space to local artists.

As we pulled up to the parking lot, we were greeted with the most intricate bus shelter. While my words fail to describe the artistry of the bus shelter, hopefully pictures will. What an incredible delight!BusShelterAmericanFlagBusShelter

As we parked in the parking lot, our eyes gazed upon the wonderful and sometimes whimsical exhibit along the side of the building. One of my favorite examples of artistic expression was the colorful knitted bike racks!KnittedBikeRacks

Incredulously, the public is invited to enter the myriad of hallways to explore the onsite resident artist’s studios and art. Many of the artists will open their doors when they are in the studio allowing the curious to peruse their fine work. In fact, while my daughter and I attended a couple years ago, we met many artists willing to explain their work and passion.

One of the highlights of any trip to the Banana Factory is the Hot Glass Studio. They made exquisite glass objects that only their imagination can dream up. These glass pieces are a work of art!

outsidetablesDuring our visit this summer, I had the opportunity to sit down at the Banana Factory’s lovely outdoor table area and work on my own quilt. I was inspired by the incredible talent and artistic interpretation represented in this fun and interesting place. As a quilter, I love the infusion of color and texture in a creative and dynamic expression. Over the years, I have visited the Banana Factory many times. Each time, I marvel at the artists and their willingness to educate and display their works to a novices like me.

If you travel to Bethlehem, PA, please stop by the Banana Factory.

Happy Quilting!


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